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The Premium Body Analysis is a face and body analysis that takes all your features into account in order to create a guide that showcases what items will make you look your best.
My Face and Body Analysis differs from others because not only do I take the traditional approach of looking for balance, but I also analyze your body structure (such as bone structure and body lines) utilizing a Yin Yang styling system tailored to POC.


Your final document will include:

  • Body type analysis
  • Yin Yang structure and lines analysis
  • Face shape and features analysis
  • Hairstyle recommendations
  • Grooming recommendations
  • Fabrics and patterns
  • Buying guide for garments
  • Recommendations for tops
  • Recommendations for bottoms
  • Recommendations for coats
  • Recommendations for sweaters
  • How to choose a suit
  • Recommendations for jackets
  • Recommendations for swimwear, loungewear, and activewear
  • Recommendations for accessories: watches, rings, shoes, bags, backpacks, glasses, etc.

Premium Body Analysis

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