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All About Cocoa Styling


It’s a process, not a product, I want to help you create the Image YOU want. My consults focus on helping you see how your features interact with each other, including how to work with your body to accentuate the best parts of yourself. But the most important part of it is keeping your essence.

We will work together to define your whole image, because your style is about more than finding the right garments. It's about making you look and feel your best.


Cocoa Styling uses the styling methods developed by me, Micah Lumsden. These methods focus especially on dark-skinned people from different ethnicities. This methodology specifically takes into account the features that are commonly found among people of different ethnicities. For example coloring, bone structure, etc.

Style is what you do with fashion, it’s also a form of communication, but I 100% believe that you should always feel comfortable in your clothes. My goal is to help you understand your body and what and why some things fit you better than others.

It is also important for me to incorporate your essence and personal style into your wardrobe because it is your style journey, I’m just here to guide you.

My Credentials

I started as a Graphic Designer, acquired my Associate's Degree, and then I moved on to fashion. I have a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Product Design with an emphasis in Fashion, and since I loved fashion so much, I specialized in many areas. If you are here, you probably already know that I’m a certified stylist, but I also studied the areas of:

Coolhunting and trend forecasting

Experimental draping and dart manipulation with the Shingo Sato method

Fashion merchandising and communication

Costume design and stage costume design

Visual merchandising

Fashion photography logistics



I pride myself on my excellent service and ability to deliver exceptional results. If you want to get an idea of the experiences that my past clients have had, I recommend you take a look at the testimonials below.

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