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Color Seasons, Body Types, Style Essences,
Kibbe typing, and Yin Yang styling systems?

All your questions answered here by and image consultant specialized in POC
  • How can I book a Service?
    Booking a service is really easy! Just click here or head over to “Book Now” and choose the one that best fits your needs. If you don’t know which one to choose, send me an email and I will be happy to help you.
  • What are your credentials?
    I started out as a Graphic Designer, acquired my Associates Degree, and then I moved onto fashion. I have a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Product Design with an emphasis in Fashion , and since I loved fashion so much, I specialized in many areas. If you are here you probably already know that I’m a certified stylist, but I also studied the areas of: Cool hunting and trend forecasting Experimental draping and dart manipulation with the Shingo Sato method Fashion merchandising and communication Costume design and stage costume design Visual merchandising Fashion photography (planning)
  • Why should I choose you as my stylist?
    I believe that one of the reasons why I am a great stylist is because I started as a fashion designer. Meaning that I'm both in touch with the process it takes to create garments, but also what looks good on people, not based on my opinion but because I have studied different methodologies that explain the best options for each body. I also believe that my styling process should be based on team work, I won't ask you to wear something that you don’t like. I will do my best to create something that will both look great on and something that you like.
  • How do the consulting sessions work?
    1- When you Book through our website, you will receive a file with the instructions to book your first session. All you have to do is follow them and write and email to 2- We will reply in 1 to 3 business days with your first homework, creating a Google Drive folder with your full name and some pictures. (The pictures we ask for will vary depending on the service you booked) 3- We will set a day and time for your first session, please send us your Drive folder at least one day before your session to speed up the process, and that way the questions can be tailored to you. All consultations are online. We usually use Zoom or Apple's Facetime. If you would like to use another platform just specify it in your email.
  • Do you do Kibbe consults?
    The quick answer is no. I don't use the Kibbe system because I believe it can be extremely limiting and it is also very Eurocentric, making it harder for people who aren't caucasian to find their type. I have my own system, specifically tailored to women of African descent, I use a combination of different systems and use a mix of the regular body shape system (pears, apples, rectangles, etc.) and Ying Yang systems. In order to create my body geometry system I studied and investigated the methods of Harriet Tilden McJimsey, Belle Northrup, David Kibbe, and others, combined them, and adapted them to people of color. If you decide to, you can translate what I told you to Kibbe, just ask me in our session what types you can look at for more inspiration. But your chart will be specifically tailored to you, unless you buy a DIY style guide.
  • Do you offer coaching to other stylist or brands?
    I will in the future! I will be making the announcement on all my social media platforms, alternatively write me an email to to enter the mailing list and get notified as soon as the service is available. You can however book me as a color or line consultant, just email me to get my rates.
  • Do color seasons change?
    Naturally, they shouldn’t, however drastically altering your natural look with things like wearing contact lenses, dying your hair, can change it.
  • Will you tell me not to wear black?
    Black is always chic, although depending on your season and color type, some colors might look better on you and enhance your natural beauty, even more than black! Still, you should always wear what you feel the best in and if what makes you happy is wearing black, rock it! If you prefer neutral colors, you should know that all my color charts include both neutral and neutral accents colors.
  • What is your refund policy?
    Digital products are non-refundable. Booked services have a 14 day cancellation window, as long as the process of the consulting hasn’t been initialized. Refuns can't be issue once the process of your booked service starts.
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