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A body analysis focuses on understanding your body’s visual balance. That will determine your body shape. Knowing your body shape helps you understand how different garments interact with your body and it help you reach the point of equilibrium. Or not!

You can break the rules, but first, you need to know them in order to do it the right way. Like it has been stated before, my consults are all about creating your own style, therefore I’m not going to tell you “Don’t wear this”. But I will give a guide stating what happens when you do certain things.


Your final document will include:

  • Body type analysis
  • Buying guide for garments
  • Recommendations for tops
  • Recommendations for bottoms
  • Recommendations for dresses and jumpsuits
  • Recommendations for coats
  • Recommendations for sweaters
  • Recommendations for jackets
  • Recommendations for lingerie, swimwear, and activewear

Basic Body Analysis


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